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Here are some things people are saying about Sully & The Sullied.

  • ” A true songsmith who uses all of his facilities to create music that is powerful in diverse ways.”.  (Music Morsals Magazine)

  • “Sully attacks each song with his guitar and voice, he impresses me as a warrior going in to battle”.    Muzikman (Music Dish Magazine)

  • “The Sullied has got it all going for them: solid musicianship, tightly woven songs and great vocals”.   Gail Worley  (Ink 19 Magazine)

  • “There’s thinking going on in this band. Sounds abound. The Sullied is about textures and taste”.   DJ Johnson  (Cosmic Debris Magazine)

  • “Grade: A: This has got to be the most bizarre, yet wonderful thing I’ve ever heard”.   (Geek

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